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7 April 2012

Is Jon Tester trying to run as de facto non-partisan?

There are facts pointing that way. I could not find the word "Democrat" or a Democratic logo on his website. An ad on CBS affiliate KPAX TV pictured Tester saying he was for common sense Montana, not partisan infested Washington, D.C. He said he approved the ad, but I neither saw nor heard anything telling us he's a Democrat. And two new 30-second video ads aimed at veterans omitted all mention of political affiliation.

Tester filed as a Democrat. Now he hides his Democratic affiliation under a bale of hay. Does he think that voters find virtue in a candidate's omitting mention of the political party to which he belongs?

I’m growing weary of Tester running as Farmer Jon, the good old boy from Big Sandy who hasn’t been corrupted by the lobbyists and city slickers in the iniquitous District of Columbia. He’s the incumbent. He needs to run as the proud and effective Democrat who stiff-armed the devils in D.C. while protecting his constituents and bringing home the bacon. And he needs to remind the public that the Republican Party has become so reactionary and righteous that it poses a serious danger to our ability to govern ourselves for the common good.