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23 April 2012

A sign of life in Tutvedtland


Republican State Senator Bruce Tutvedt’s re-election campaign became visible last week when his election signs, often side-by-side with Rick Hill for Governor signs, began popping up across his district, sometimes within a softball’s throw of GOP challenger Rollan Roberts II’s signs. Tutvedt also updated his website to say he’s running for a second term.

More is undoubtedly happening, or will be soon: direct mail, telephone calls, door-to-door, and advertisements in the print and electronic mass media. Two weeks ago, for example, Roberts sent out a 4-page letter (an expertly written and formatted letter) and is conducting honk-and-waves. The third GOP candidate, Jayson Peters, a former Kalispell city councilman who now manages Sykes, has a few yard signs out and a website. Like Roberts, Peters is running to the right of Tutvedt, a feat of some distinction as Tutvedt is not known as a Ripon Society Republican.

So far, I’ve not detected third party activity in this primary, but it would not surprise me if it occurs.