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15 March 2012

Dave Strohmaier practices political hit-and-run

Candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress Dave Strohmaier today released a statement issuing a:

…stark and direct challenge to his opponents for the Democratic primary nomination: stop supporting Republican candidates.

Public records indicate some who are asking Democrats to nominate them as the Democratic candidate for Montana’s lone congressional seat are actually supporters of Republican politicians, giving their own money to support Republican victories over Democrats.

I think he means Diane Smith, who wrote checks to Republicans before throwing her hat into the ring. But he doesn’t use Smith’s name. Nor does he provide links to the public records to which he refers.

Why the hell not?

Why won’t he identify his target and shoot straight at it in broad daylight for all the world to see?

This is political hit-and-run, not a profile in courage. It suggests to me that if elected he’ll throw bombs from the shadows instead of going eyeball-to-eyeball in sunlight when confrontation is required. If he wants to take potshots at his fellow Democrats, he should shoot live ammunition, not blanks.