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26 March 2012

GOP County Commissioner candidates wants to arrest domestic terrorists


Cal Scott is one of eight men running for the Republican nomination for county commissioner for the northern end of the Flathead. In a full page ad on the back page of Section A of today’s InterLake, he offers a three-plank platform:

If you include the message he presented at Occupy Kalispell on 22 October 2011, there’s a strong fourth plank he could add to the platform: arresting domestic terrorist, starting with the Wall Street variety.

Local bankers might not like that, but I think most Flathead residents, especially those whose investments took hits in the Great Recession, would line up to shake Cal’s hand.

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27 March 2012
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Close, but no cigar. The problem with both the occupiers and the tea party is that one is at Wall Street and the other is at Congress. They should be standing side by side in front of the Federal Reserve. As long as we let the powers at be continue encouraging the fight between left/right and R/D they will always keep us status quo…

Ben Stormes — GOP Candidate for Dist One