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25 October 2012

The Democrats who finished behind Kim Gillan in June stand behind her in October


In an impressive display of party unity — and good old common sense — the six Democrats who finished behind Kim Gillan in the primary for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives just wrote and released — on their own initiative — the following letter urging Montanans to vote for her.

Dear fellow Montanans:

Your vote for Kim Gillan for Congress is a vote for common-sense, middle-class representation in the United States House.

Kim knows how to address the challenges of a paralyzed Congress and a stagnant economy. As a professional in workforce development, Kim has helped hundreds of Montanans find employment. As an entrepreneur, Kim has managed a small business that she started and grew. As a leader in the Montana Legislature, Kim has championed policies that work for Montanans and stood up to policies that undermine our rights.

Kim is a hardworking, humble candidate who will build bridges with her opponents, whoever they may be. We should know. We were Kim’s opponents in the primary election. We come from different backgrounds and different corners of the state, and Kim beat us in the primary. Kim’s commitment to serving all Montanans convinced us to put aside our differences so that Montanans have a future rich with opportunity. That’s what leaders do.

The last thing that Congress or Montana needs is more partisanship and inexperience. Kim’s experience will help Montana and help Congress get back on track and working for us.

Please join us and vote for Kim Gillan for Congress this election.


  • David Strohmaier (private sector employee and city councilman, Missoula)
  • Diane Smith (businesswoman, Whitefish)
  • Franke Wilmer (university professor and legislator, Bozeman)
  • Jason Ward (farmer, Hardin)
  • Robert Stutz (businessman, Helena)
  • Sam Rankin (businessman, Billings)

Gillan, a Montana state senator from Billings, is running against Republican Steve Daines, a wealthy businessman from Bozeman. Gillan will protect and improve Obamacare, protect Social Security, Medicare, and social insurance, and support policies that help good people find good jobs. Daines, always affable, promises, with a smile, to repeal the Affordable Care Act, convert Medicare into a voucher system that would enrich insurance companies while impoverishing senior citizen.