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31 December 2012

Some of the best of some of Montana’s blogs in 2012

Election years provide plenty of grist for commentary and news stories, so it's not surprising that in 2012 Montana’s bloggers posted some of their finest work. What follows is a sampling of some of the best:

Best quantitative reporting

David Parker, Big Sky Political Analysis, for his debunking of claims of election fraud, and Tyler Evilsizer, Intelligent Discontent, for exposing the out-of-state origins of the petition for Montana to secede from the nation.

Best profile of a political candidate

Don Pogreba, Intelligent Discontent, for his posts (here are a couple: first, second,) on Republican candidate for state auditor, Derek Skees.

Most astute environmental reporting and commentary

Button Valley Bugle. One of my favorites, a commentary on clean coal: Denny Believes in Fairy Tales.

Best book review by a blogger

Montana Cowgirl, for her review of Republican primary gubernatorial candidate Neil Livingstone’s guide to prostitution.

Best first person report of a Tea Partier disrupting a meeting

Carla Augustad, at Left in the West, for her Fracas in the Flathead report on Dr. Annie Bukacek’s pro-Skees shenanigans at State Auditor Monica Lindeed’s meeting on how to avoid being scammed.

Highest sustained level of political paranoia

Polymontana, for its steadfast denial of global warming, and its willingness to provide a platform for the rants of tea soaked wingnuts and loose screws, which get piled higher and deeper all the time.

Best posts on the right way to make cheese

Dave Budge, at the Electric City Weblog, for his informative and entertaining discourses on how to make from scratch the smelly cheeses that my father used to haul home from his business trips to Wisconsin.

Best Flathead Valley political reporting by the mainstream media

The Daily Interlake for its investigations of Cal Scott’s exaggeration of his education, and Myers Reece at the Flathead Beacon for his report on the right wing’s attempt to take down incumbent Republican State Senator Bruce Tutvedt (story one, story two).