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31 August 2015

SD 5 trustees should review Glacier High’s Smoke Bowl decision

We’ve enjoyed fresh air in the Flathead since Saturday, but for Monday through Friday the smoke got in our eyes, our lungs, and on our nerves. Our air was officially Very Unhealthy. That didn’t deter football crazed Glacier High School from playing Helena at Legends Field (a better name would be Concussion Flats) in Kalispell. Glacier canceled the junior varsity game scheduled for 1500 MDT because of smoke, but played the varsity game at 1900 despite the quality of the air in the evening being more unhealthy than before the junior varsity game.

School District 5’s trustees meet on 8 September. They need to review Glacier High’s decision to play. Later this week, I’ll have more on the questionable decision making that led to the Smoke Bowl. Meanwhile, here are the Flathead’s air quality numbers for 28 August.