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23 August 2017 — 0812 mdt

More bombast from the Bully in Chief

It’s already Wednesday, and Donald Trump still hasn’t behaved in a way that should make Americans proud of their President.

Monday. During the eclipse, an aide shouted, “Don’t look!” He immediately, reflexively, smirked and squinted at the sun with his naked eyeballs, setting a horrible example for the nation. His diehard supporters loved it, of course, as they hate experts, and his impudent squint flipped one to the professional class — teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists — his loyalists despise.

Monday evening, he announced he’s sending more American soldiers to Afghanistan, arguing that bringing home our men and women who are there already would allow terrorists to plan and execute another 9/11. He promised victory with honor, a phrase reminiscent of Vietnam. As a real estate tycoon, he never hesitated to declare bankruptcy to cut his losses. Now he’s declaring support for a bankrupt policy so he won’t be the President on whose watch Afghanistan was lost.

Tuesday. The trifecta. At a political rally in Arizona, he:

Left virtually no doubt he’ll pardon former law-n-order sheriff Joe Apiro, who was convicted of criminal contempt of court for flouting a federal court’s order not to misbehave while enforcing immigration law. Trump has the constitutional power to pardon Apiro, but he has a moral obligation not to reward, and thus encourage, the misdeeds of scofflaws. Yes, other Presidents have granted questionable pardons, but many wrongs don’t make a right.

Mocked ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos for his under six-foot stature. Like Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, the man some Democrats love to belittle, Stephanopoulos is not the tallest guy in the world. But he’s a much bigger man than the playground bully occupying the White House.

As chilling as his tirade against Stephanopoulos and the news media was the cheering of his audience. The more he denounced the news media, the louder the cheers.

Defended his ham-handed response to the neo-nazi and white supremacist provoked violence in Charlottesville. Because knows he’s never wrong, he knows that criticism of his conduct is always wrong and downright unpatriotic — and he never misses an opportunity to say so.

How is our nation going to survive three and one-half years of a petty, vindictive, President who increasingly appears deranged, and who has the authority to order a nuclear attack?