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12 July 2017 — 1835 mdt

Democrats: ignore Trump & Russia, focus on health care

Yes, the Kremlin connection is important and fascinating, but it concerns an election that’s over and cannot be overturned. Furthermore, special prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating the affair. What needs to be done is being done.

Meanwhile, the McConnell-Trump health care bill — which would deprive more than 20 million Americans of health insurance, and gut Medicaid — is pending in the Senate and is far from dead. In some form, it’s likely to pass.

Raising hell about Trump and Russia may be soul satisfying, but it won’t change the outcome of the election. But raising hell about the McConnell-Trump Keep the Poor Away from the Doctor Act of 2017 might do some good.

Therefore, Democrats, ignore the Kremlin connection, focus on the McConnell health care conspiracy, give Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte hell, and do what’s necessary to keep Jon Tester 100 percent opposed to the bill.