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30 July 2017 — 1950 mdt

Don’t lay down your sword & shield — health care repeal is still alive

Keep resisting. We haven’t won. The U.S. Senate is still in session, President Trump is still demanding that Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Republican Senators Graham (SC), Dean Heller (NV), and Bill Cassidy (LA), are colluding with Trump and Mitch McConnell to find something that will win 50 votes. The depth of their obsession and determination makes Captain Ahab’s mad adventure seem like a dilettante’s dalliance with a sweet rose.

The normal legislative rules don’t apply. Health care remains under siege. Friday’s vote on Skinny Repeal was setback, but not the kind of defeat that causes soldiers to throw away their weapons and trudge back to their day jobs, broken, demoralized, never to fight again. McConnell came up short, but just one vote short — and no one should assume that Collins, Murkowski, and McCain, will vote against all bills that repeal, or tamper with, the ACA. Mitch and his henchmen will keep trying until January, 2018, stopping then only if Democrats win at least one house of Congress.

This is a battle of ideology, a war of attrition, a fight to the death. The barbarians are still at the gate. Therefore, continue resisting. Increase your intensity. Expand your campaign. Maintain your guard. Never give up. Never give in.