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31 July 2017 — 1217 mdt

Blue Doggies are always for sale

Politico reports that in their quest to seize the U.S. House of Representatives next year, Democrats are sending whistles of welcome to the Blue Dogs, the rural red state conservatives who caucus with the Democratic Party but all too often vote with the Republicans. That report incited me to write new lyric for an old Patti Page song. Enjoy.

Is that a Blue Doggie in the Congress?
The one with the GOP tail,
He wiggles and wags at Mitch McConnell,
I'll bet that Blue Doggie’s for sale.

Blue Doggies like private health insurance,
They say single-payer’s third rail,
They bow down and kiss up to Big Pharma,
Blue Doggies are always for sale.

Blue Doggies believe they’re just pragmatic,
At liberals they shudder and quail,
They cut deals that betray Dem progressives,
Blue Doggies are always for sale.

We don’t need Blue Doggies in the Congress,
We don'’t need their brand of betrayal,
Replace them with big-hearted progressives,
Send Blue Doggies down Satan’s dark trail.