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9 February 2018 — 2116 mst

Flathead legislative and county filings update

Whitefish Democrat Mary Custer filed this week for House District 6 (map), challenging three-term incumbent Republican Rep. Carl Glimm, who has filed for a fourth and final term. Largely rural and suburban, HD-6 is deeply conservative, with a Democratic base of approximately 30 percent:


Glimm received well over a thousand votes more than any statewide Democrat in 2014 and 2016. Custer’s path to victory, if there is one, is exceedingly steep and narrow.


Here’s the Flathead primary lineup as of the close of business today:


Note to readers. The top two screen shots are from a database I’m developing for Campaign 2018. It’s alpha stage at best, more a personal tool than a finished product, but although the display needs polishing, the numbers are solid and useful to savvy readers.