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20 January 2018 — 0017 mst

Kalispell Women’s March leaders have plan to sic cops on hecklers

The leaders of the Kalispell Women’s March have a plan for dealing with dissenters: if necessary, have the police throw them out of Depot Park. Here’s the official word:

If anyone comes into the park with signs against the women’s march, starts heckling, or even makes negative statements against the Women’s March, we can call the police to remove them from the park.

If counter-protesters do appear, they’ll probably station themselves on the west side of Main Street, across from Depot Park. If hecklers do appear in the park, I hope they’ll stand still long enough that I can photograph them.

Having a contingency plan to deal with disruption is prudent. So is avoiding the “give ‘em the heave-ho and a kick in the butt” approach to dissent employed by Donald Trump’s campaign at his rallies.

I doubt there will be any trouble, and I suspect the police will be keeping an eye on the situation.